Attention fans! They launch virtual astronomy course and it is really unmissable

UNITED STATES.- The lovers of the astronomy They can feel extremely happy then and they will be able to learn from this fascinating area in a timely manner. The Peruvian Space Agency (CONIDA) has opened a call to participate in the inductive course to this matter. The modality will be virtual and will be carried out through a platform virtual. So you better pay attention because this course is on fire.

In this context, it will be on May 26, 2021 when this course is taught on the Cisco Webex platform. Let us remember that astronomy is a discipline whose premise is the study of physics and advanced mathematics. It also has as its bastion the investigation and evolution of the celestial bodies that inhabit the universe, which, it goes without saying that every day surprises us more.

Therefore, the course of the CONIDA It will seek to encourage reflection based on the search for answers to basic questions of astronomy. In addition, the free Stellarium software can be used as a support tool. Of course, being an online modality, the topics will be exposed through videos and interactive content.

The session will be totally live, where the teaching body, as well as students, will seek to interact for a period of 3 hours. Likewise, it has been specified that the course is aimed at the general public and a digital certificate can be obtained. Openings are limited, so if you love the astronomy and you want to know a little more, you better not miss this opportunity.

Course program. 1.- The celestial sphere. 2.- The constellations. 3.- The day and the night. 4.- The rotation of the Earth. 5.- Effect of latitude in the course of the day and night. 6.- The translation of the Earth: how it is perceived from the Earth itself. 7.- The zodiac. 8.- Equinoxes and solstices. 9.- Celestial objects and their location in the sky: Moon, planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. 10.- Stellarium main commands.


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