Austin Eudaly dead and obituary, American Energy boom death

Austin Eudaly dead and obituary, American Energy boom death

MRandom News Austin Eudaly dead and obituary, American Energy boom death

I began my career in 2006 during the US energy boom, acquiring mineral properties, royalties and leasehold interests in 12 states and investing approximately $140 million in grassroots acquisitions. I’ve personally met and done business with over 1,000 rural landowners across the United States who live off their suitcases. I had a lot of fun along the way and made a lot of friends. Resigned from Oil & Gas in July 2017 to pursue other ideas and passions (below).

Founder of Tom & Sheri’s Products, Inc. We manufacture plant based anti wrinkle spray for clothing. Why? Ironing sucks. Appeared on The Oprah Magazine and ABC’s Good Morning America. Sales in the first year of operation exceeded $900,000. As revenue increases, our goal is to increase charitable giving.

Creator and producer of the documentary Uncommon Fellows: A Film that invites courageous thought leaders from around the world to seek out human community and explore some of life’s biggest questions. Key participants included Reverend Timothy Keller, Krista Tippett, Professor Richard Dawkins, Lord Rowan Williams, Dr. Aref Ali Nayed and Rabbi Angela Buchdahl.

Co-founded the voucher dating app with close friend and former ABC grad Sean Lowe (self-confessed D-list celebrity). Why create yet another dating app? Less shadows. More fun. I like it very much.

Mission: Finally, the world doesn’t need another movie, another product, another dating app right now. But what the world seems to need today is: more joy, more hope, more love. If the projects I help bring more of the same to the world, and can be done with integrity, so be it.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading this potentially boring little biography.