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She’s reacting to the scandal, Azahriah’s girlfriend. He wrote a special message on his social networking site.

The work brought the people of Tihany together: two years ago he stood by his wife as a friendly star

The news was chaotic last night, with news of the hugely popular singer Attila Bauco joining fans behind the scenes at the Solnock Pancake Festival and uploading a video to the internet. Musicians wouldn’t be so much fun if Azahrah didn’t have a girlfriend who was just abroad. The singer reported on the community page how sorry she was for what had happened and how she had hurt her girlfriend, who was found to have a known flu, Luna, who is currently in Mallorca.

“Hate and hatred are not answers to anything. Please do not judge too hastily.

Because good is just a bad word, a word that often changes

Everyone is different, so everyone is a wonderful person in their own way. Sometimes we voluntarily / unintentionally cause pain to those who never deserve it. There is nothing white and nothing black in life, ”he told his followers about the case.

How can I most easily deal with a terrible big disappointment? ! So … with love, with acceptance. There are things in life that don’t always bother us, but they hurt us the most. Of course, everyone wants to be the best in every field. Sometimes you “just” run that much. I’m not angry … I’m depressed and painful. This will be my battle now, please don’t make it harder, look for the good and the bad in this story, because there is no such thing, “he wrote emotionally.

“I guess that’s basically not a big deal for me, and I don’t have a problem with it either. I don’t care too much about the video either. I’m sorry because he’s a cute guy and from now on he doesn’t deserve it on the internet. Things like that. So I messed up and I’m sorry “He said in his Instagram video.