Babs Thore dead and obituary, Whitney Shared a Health Update on Her Mom

Fans have loved watching Whitneys strong support system on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, including her adorable parents Glenn and Babs Thore. TLC stars mother Barbara was shown looking unwell in the Season 10 premiere, making fans worry about her health. Did Babs Thore survive her health problem? Find out here what happened.

Did Babs Thore pass away?

MRandom News Babs Thore dead and obituary, Whitney Shared a Health Update on Her Mom

People shared a clip from Season 10 of MBFFL, and this made people worry about Babs health. Luckily, fans can rest assured that Babs is fine.

Whitney’s father told her over the phone that they were taking her mom to the hospital. Her dad said that it was scary, and Whitney told the camera that she had heard the call. My heart dropped out of my body, he said that my mother had another stroke.

When Hunter first came in, he thought that his sister might have died on the couch. She could not talk, and was laying there.

Glenn tried to imagine how bad the situation was. He asked himself where the relationship could go from there.

In Season 10, Whitney sat in her car crying as she spoke to her dad on the phone. Her dad said, “I can’t believe she’s gotten worse.”

Whitney broke down crying after saying to a production crew member, “I saw my mom today, and that’s really it.”

On the first day of Season 10, viewers saw more of Barb’s health problems. She was admitted to the ICU after she tested positive for COVID-19 and had a UTI. Because she was not eating, Barb’s mother had to be put on a feeding tube.

At the end of the episode, a doctor told Whitney that her family needed to consider palliative care for Barb, because she was not well enough for rehab. Whit was very upset by this suggestion, and her family might have to make the decision to take Barb’s feeding tube out.

Whitney used Instagram to thank fans and give a little update on Barb’s health before the Season 10 premiere live broadcast. She had been more quiet on social media for the last six months while helping her mother recover as much as possible.

When fans approach her, Whitney said that her mother lights up, and smiled huge when she was told that Season 10 was going to be on tonight. She said thank you to everyone who loves my mother; she is my biggest gift, and I love sharing her with you. Readers love how much their readers love their influencers. They are incredibly proud of their influencer and would be happy to read any compliments or encouraging words to them.

On ‘MBFFL,’ Whitney’s mom’s previous health problem was discussed.
On MBFFL, Babs’ health has been in jeopardy two times before. In 2017, it was Whitney’s mom who had a health issue, which was shown on the show. Previously, in 2015, Barbara herself had a health emergency, which is the subject of this article.