Baby Judah is dead – Cause of death, Obituary – Whats happened Verlonda Jackson?

Not babyJudah. I really thought he’d make great progress. Lord knows I can’t help but ask why he wasn’t healed. Praying for his family’s strength. RIP sweet baby. Poor baby Judah, he fought hard as hell this past year. This done broke my poor lil heart lord.

Sweet baby, Mommy tried. I tried everything. I drove myself crazy trying to save you over the last 15 months…and it was worth it. A mothers love is always worth it. I was willing to risk it all to see you make it….and you were making it. You were progressing so well, and then, without warning, and like a thief in the night, God snatched you away………….Rest peacefully, beautiful boy. I’m so sorry 

When Jackson residents Donny and Tessa Shurtz decided to name their second son “Judas,” they never thought how appropriate this nickname would become. Judas was born on June 23 this year and was quickly diagnosed with biliary atresia, which made him one of 15,000 newborns.

Judah, who is now waiting for a liver transplant at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, lives up to his name, working hard and smiling while he does it. “We have always liked the name Judas,” she said. “This is a biblical name, and we are now glad we chose this name because Judas is part of the lineage of Jesus, a lion from the tribe of Judah, and our son is very strong. He is a warrior like a lion. We are very happy. We chose the name we made, even though we didn’t know what happened to him at the time. It suits him perfectly. What a good name.”

Judas was born with a slight skin discoloration, called jaundice, and seemed to have no other health problems. However, when the jaundice did not improve, Tessa Schultz, a nurse, became worried and took Judas to see a doctor. “When Judas was born, he was a little bit jaundiced,” Tessa said.

“No one knows what’s wrong with him. We are just used to him being a bit jaundiced. Then when he was two and a half months old, we took him out, and I saw him under fluorescent light from a distance. He looked very yellow. , I just thought something was wrong. So one day I called his doctor to do some blood tests, and we arrived in Nashville very late that night.”

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