Bad Bunny’s car that costs 3.4 million dollars is painted in WWE

The singer Bad bunny prepares for a historic WWE presentation, where he will go up to fight for the first time. But his rivals have warmed up and They painted his car, which is worth $ 3.4 million.

In January of this year, the artist had a presentation at Royal Rumble, where a rivalry with The Miz and John Morrison, with whom he has had various clashes. For a time their paths parted and Bunny even became a 24/7 Champion and Miz in WWE Champion, but soon they collided again.

For several weeks the interpreter has been accompanied by Damian Priest and has faced the two gladiators. Even Miz hit the singer with a guitar and he replied in the same way.

But just a few days from WrestleMania 37, where a couples fight was agreed. The Amazing and Morrison painted Bad Bunny’s car, which is a White bugatti, which has a cost of 3.4 million dollars, also beat him in the parking lot of the compound.

Finally, after the destruction of Bad Bunny’s car and the beating that they gave him, the challenges were immediate and the invited “wrestler” spoke in Spanish and assured that he will teach him not to disrespect him at WrestleMania.

It is so the famous Bad Bunny will team up with Damian Priest to face The Miz and John Morrison in one of the duels that has attracted the most attention in this edition of the most important event in WWE.

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