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Barbara Parkins (Vancouver, Canada; May 22, 1942) is a Canadian and national actress and singer. Inició su carrera a comienzos de la década de 1960 y se retiró a fines de los 90. [1] There is no comparison between the 1967 doll, Patty Duke and Sharon Tate.

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Barbara Parkins is best known as a ’60s icon, having starred in two of the era’s most infamous productions: Peyton Place (1964) and Valley of the Dolls ( 1967). After arriving in Hollywood as a teenager, Perkins soon appeared in episodic television shows such as Wagon Train (1957) and Perry Mason (1957). She also worked with George Burns as a dancer in his nightclub show. Soon, she landed the central role of “Betty Anderson” in the first prime-time TV soap opera, Peyton Place (1964).

The show was an instant hit, and Perkins became a household name alongside co-stars Ryan O’Neal and Mia Farrow. Perkins was nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress and stayed with the series throughout its five-year run. Her popularity was further cemented when she starred in the 1967 film Valley of the Dolls (1967), which became a box office hit. When Tate married director Roman Polanski in 1968, she became close friends with her “Dolls” co-star Sharon Tate and traveled to London to be her bridesmaid.

Perkins fell in love with England, England. After Tate was killed in 1969, Perkins decided to leave Hollywood and settle in London. There, she appeared on the BBC and starred in international productions such as Puppets on a Chain (1970), Christina (1974) and Yelling at the Devil (1976). However, her career is no longer the center of her life. She married in the late 1970s and lived in France for some time. After the marriage ended, Perkins returned to the United States to try Hollywood again.

She appeared in popular TV shows of the time such as Love Boat (1977), Fantasy Island (1977) and Hotel (1983). She also filmed Bear Island (1979) and Breakfast (1982) in Paris with Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave. Perkins joined the rest of the original cast in the 1985 Peyton Square reunion film Peyton Square: The Next Generation (1985). However, her career was again put on hold when her daughter Christina Perkins was born.

Perkins has made few appearances since the late 1980s, although she returned to weekly television for a brief stint on the CBS television series Crime Scene (1991), which was filmed in her hometown of Vancouver. In 1997, Perkins was the guest of honor at the 30th Anniversary Screening of the Valley of the Dolls (1967) in San Francisco. During a Q&A with columnist Ted Casablanca, she announced to a sold-out audience that she intends to retire. The following year, however, she appeared in Scandal: The Jacqueline Susan Story (1998), based on the life of the controversial author of Valley of the Dolls. It’s unclear if Perkins will continue her career full-time or actually retire.