Barcímio Sicupira Júnior dead, the best scorer in the history of Atlético, cause of death

On Sunday (7), Barcímio Sicupira Júnior, the best scorer in the history of Atlético, who scored 158 goals, passed away, a football legend from Paraná. The former radio player and commentator recently underwent lung surgery and was in Curitiba with his family. The awakening will take place on the morning of Monday (8) at Arena da Baixada, Atlético Stadium.

The greatest scorer and athlete icon in history, Barcímio Sicupira (Barcímio Sicupira) was born in Lapa on May 10, 1944. The ball is at his feet and he always stands out. His first step in playing football was in a school in Coritiba. But it was in Ferroviário, one of the teams that originated in Paraná, that the ace made his debut as a professional player. For the first time on the field, he rode a bicycle and left a beautiful goal.

From 1962 to 1964, his friends always called him “Sicupa”, and he has been defending the railway. With his bold moves, speed and physical fitness, he has already made his mark, attracting the attention of a scout, and then went to Botafogo where he lives from 64 to 67 years old. There, he fought side by side with the stars of the time such as Garrincha, Nielton Santos and Zagalo.

After that, he went to Botafogo dei Belao Preto from 1967 to 68, where he scored the first goal in the history of the Santa Cruz Stadium. The Sao Paulo club defeated the Romanian football team 6-2. His next team is the team whose name goes down in history: Athletico. His match against Sao Paulo on September 2, 1968 was his debut in Rubro Negro. That day, also with a bicycle goal, he handed the tie to the Hurricanes, which was favored by the fans.

At Athletico, the No. 8 jersey was retained until 1975, when he ended his career at the age of 31. The Hurricanes’ 158 goals made him the club’s top scorer and is considered by many to be the greatest player in history. Timeless shirt 8. He only left the Hurricanes for a while in 1972, when he was loaned to the Corinthians for a season. He rarely played for Ding Man, and even so, he won the sympathy of the fans.

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