Barry Fry is dead or still alive? Obituary 2021 – cause of death

“We want a chubby Brown-like character or Johnny Vegas,” Sullivan commented. “We need attention. We have to choose someone who can actually do the job, so Barry Frye is perfect.”

Therefore, the call was made to Barry Fry, who was the manager of the first division champion Southend United at the time.

It turns out that the allure of big city clubs is too great, although Frye was not immediately impressed by his discovery in St Andrews.

When I went there for the first time, I thought it was all a gimmick,” Fry said. “They have a master’s king of pornography, a managing director’s slut, I don’t know where they are from. “

Success is certainly not achieved overnight. The Blues were relegated because although they won five of the last seven games, they scored fewer goals than West Brom. Posh went with them.

Birmingham won the second division championship the following season, but had a strange Fry skirmish with Sullivan and his general manager Karren Brady.

They fell out by signing Portuguese winger Jose Dominguez, who made a wonderful debut in the 4-0 defeat of Bosh-this is also a young Bosh named Marc Taylor The goalkeeper’s debut.

Sullivan hopes that Fry and his assistant Lil Fuccillo will be fired for ignoring the signing of Dominguez’s orders.

After Dominguez made his debut, Frye conducted an unforgettable post-match interview. He said that “Sullivan didn’t know the difference between the goal line and the clothesline”, which annoyed Brady. .

Frye recalled: “Karen rushed into the locker room to change my clothes. Unfortunately, I was naked and getting wet, so when she ordered me to enter the boot room, I wrapped me in a towel, where I was Received the biggest b* of my life! She slammed the door and yelled to me “Don’t embarrass David like this anymore”. After that, I developed the greatest respect for her.

“In a great club with incredible support, this turned into a great season. I like it there, I don’t want it to end. We won the Wembley Football League trophy final. In leading Liverpool to the FA After the cup rematch, we won a standing ovation at Anfield and we entered the League Cup semi-finals. We even participated in the reserve league and cup doubles.

This was not enough for Sullivan, who sacked Frye in May 1996 after the Blues ranked 15th in the first division after 36 hours of assurance that his job was safe.

Four weeks later, Frye reappeared in Posh, and he will still be there 25 years later.

In addition to winning the second division title in the 1994-95 season, Barry Fry’s Birmingham City also won the Football League trophy final at Wembley in front of more than 75,000 fans.

The Blues had 55,000 people present to celebrate Paul Tait’s “Golden Ball” winner against Carlisle United.

Two weeks later, Steve Claridge and Tate defeated the Blues 2-1 in Huddersfield Town on the last day of the season to win the second division title.

“Our fans are as crazy as I am,” Frye said. “There were 50,000 blue noses in the game, which is incredible, but they really supported me and the team. Before I took over, Birmingham had 4,600 spectators in the game, so the reversal was surprising. They just Want to see our successful side.

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