VIDEO: Who is Başak Cengiz, why and how was she murdered? Who dead?

The architect Başak Cengiz was the victim of a terrible murder. The assassin Can Göktuğ Boz killed Başak Cengiz with a katana. After this painful news, “Who is Başak Cengiz and why did they kill her? Who is his murderer?”, He began to ask himself the question.

Istanbul Atasehiarchitect walking through the streets of Virgo Cengiz, Can Göktuğ Boz was attacked by a samurai sword. When the young woman passed away, the response on social networks increased. After this painful incident “Why was Basak CengizOMS murdered? Who was the murderer?” The question increased.

Başak Cengiz, who was walking in front of a ruin in the Barbaros district, was attacked with a sword by Can Göktuğ B (27) who lived in the ruins.

After Cengiz learned that he lived in the same place, he suffered serious injuries in multiple places. Cengiz, who was rushed to the hospital by the medical team that rushed to the scene, could not save himself despite many interventions.

The suspect, Can Göktuğ B, who was arrested after the incident, was transferred to the Gayrettepe Public Security Office. The suspect was taken to the Anatolian court after undergoing procedures at the police station.

After the prosecution issued a statement, the suspect was transferred to the Anatolian Peace Criminal Court and submitted a request for arrest on charges of “intentional homicide with great emotion or torture” and “threat with a weapon”.

In a statement to the judge, Göktuğ B said that he felt angry and frustrated on the day of the incident, he did it unintentionally at the moment of anger, and preferred to kill a woman because it was easier.

The suspect said that he did not know Başak Cengiz, he put the sword used in the incident in his bag, saw him following the victim, took the sword out of the bag and stabbed her four times.

After returning home, his pain and morale were low, he was not like his usual person, he was surprised and regretful.

The suspect’s mother and lawyer, Ayşe Nejla Yomralıoğlu, also noted that her client began receiving psychological treatment at the age of 14 and that they could not force him to use prescription drugs regularly. He had refused treatment for the past 2-3 years and had not seen him in many years.

Lawyer Yomralıoğlu asked Göktuğ B to observe that his problems are increasing and his mental health is not good, so article 74 of the CMK will be applied and the suspect will be observed and treated.

The First Criminal Peace Court of the Anatolian Guard ruled that Can Göktuğ B was arrested because the suspect confessed to the alleged crime and had sufficient evidence.

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