Beautiful! Four eclipses in 2021 that will catch our eyes, according to NASA

UNITED STATES.- Without a doubt that the eclipses They are one of the most surprising astronomical phenomena of all and in 2021 there will be four of them. This has been reported by the POT and of course in the Intra News we are going to tell you absolutely everything about them; when will it be, where and how to enjoy them so that you can have a truly amazing experience.

The first of these will be a total lunar eclipse in which the Moon will disappear completely and will occur on the night of May 26. This phenomenon can be seen throughout the American continent, as well as in Asia and the Pacific. In addition, to be able to observe it you do not need special equipment or protection, but if you have a telescope it would be a real gem.

The second eclipse for 2021 will be on June 10th and this time the Sun will be the protagonist where only a part of our giant star will disappear behind the Moon. This can be seen in North America, Europe, Asia and northern Greenland, Canada and Russia. For this, it is essential to have sun protection for the eyes and try to supervise children.

Source: Pixabay.

The third will be dated by November 19th and this will occur as a lunar eclipse, but it will not be total. Our natural satellite will partially disappear behind the Earth and this will be seen throughout the American continent, northern Europe, eastern Asia, Australia and in the Pacific. Similarly, no special protection is needed and also having a telescope would be a plus.

Finally the fourth of them will be December 4th and it will be a total solar eclipse, but unfortunately for a great majority it will only be visible in Antarctica, southern Africa and the southern Atlantic. Of course maybe the POT or some Astronomy channel offers us the possibility of a live broadcast of this, so in the case of Mexico, they will be able to see it live and “in full color” in the year 2024.

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