Does Beny JR dead or still alive? What happened to him?

In social networks a rumor of death has begun to circulate regarding the young Beny jr. There is no confirmation yet from reliable sources close to Beny.

​​The comments are based on spam viral news sites so the news is confirmed to be fake.

Beny Jr is of Moroccan origin, he is 22 years old (born August 12, 1998), he is another emerging trap artist from the Florida community (Hospitalet de LLobregat), along with Morad, Jensel King and Vato. .. The main representative of the Afrobeat voice, this voice is emerging from close to Hospitalet and nurturing very young artists and even teenagers.During 2020 it has been releasing singles on digital platforms, some of which have had a considerable impact, such as Chico de la Calle, Maleante or #FreePeke (next to Morad). In July 2020 he released the first album Trap & amp; Love composed of 11 songs, among which we can focus on the Mariachi song produced by SHB, whose video clips currently have more than 6 million views on YouTube.

When Beni prefers to compose songs in the studio, he listens to the basic melodies and rhythms, takes inspiration there and writes the lyrics. As he himself described in the documentary, he went to live in London with his brothers when he was 17 years old, and he left in his second year of high school to work in London. At 18 he made a mistake and went to jail for 2 months. He then left and returned to Spain, where he was imprisoned again for 8 months, until he decided to dedicate himself to music, and it was music that put him on this path of no return.

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