Berki krisztián temetése video twitter – Kriszitán Berki was buried, here the first videos

Mourners dressed in white for the funeral of Krisztián Berki.

Kriszitán Berki is buried, this is the first video. In a few minutes, Christian Belki’s funeral will begin on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. At the request of the widow Mazki Berki, the mourners came to the ceremony in white robes and brought white flowers. However, Mazki Berki did not choose white shoes: he wore pink heels. Also present were Pamela Hódi and Bence Tóth, as well as Zselyke Natasa Berki, the orphaned daughter of Krisztián Berki.

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Below are recordings of Pepper’s class taken half an hour before the ceremony. The recording also shows the urn, which is placed during the funeral. The family has a large black and white photo in the Farkasréti cemetery.

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