Videos leaked Bernard Tomic’s OnlyF cameo with Vanessa Sierra

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic clearly expressed his feelings about the past with former Vanessa Sierra.

In an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, Tomic replied: “Biggest. Regret. My. LIFE” when a fan asked about his “work experience” on the reality star’s OnlyFans website.

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The former number 17 in the world has an intermittent relationship with Sierra, which includes at least one obscene photo on her Instagram page and adult content website.

In another shot, he answered this question with his face in his hands.

I mean guys, how many questions about her? Do you really want to know? I didn’t realize it was funny,” Tomic added, and inquiries about his predecessor clearly flooded in.

The couple last surfaced in June, when Sierra posted a video on social media that showed a mentally insane Tomic destroying her laptop.

In 2011, Tomic, who was only 18 years old, was famous for reaching the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. Due to a series of off-site disputes, including arrest and multiple police fines, his career declined in the following years.

After losing at the 2018 Australian Open, Tomic answered a question about his career being at a crossroads, saying that he would be “millions.”

However, in an Instagram chat, the 29-year-old said that he has quit drinking and parties, and is working “very hard” to resume his tennis career. He said he will participate in the upcoming Australian Open qualifiers.