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Buddy White

The beloved actress, comedian and American icon Betty White has passed away, just a few weeks before the milestone birthday…TMZ understands.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ…Betty died at home on Friday morning.

As a pioneer and pioneer of the media, Betty was the longest of all women in her television career before her death-starred in many television dramas in the past 8 years, starting in 1939.

Betty is probably best known for her role as Rose Nilund in the “Golden Girl” from 1985 to 1992. However, she also starred in many other hit songs in her life.

Betty started her broadcasting career in the 1940s, making appearances in “Blonde”, “The Great Gildsleeve” and “This Is Your FBI.” She finally got her own radio show. In 1949, Betty began to collaborate with Al Jarvis to produce a TV variety show called “Hollywood TV”, she later co-hosted the show, and then began to take on more TV roles in the 1950s and beyond.

With 115 acting credits, Betty appeared in works such as “Life of Elizabeth”, “Dating with Angels”, “Mary Taylor Moore Show”, “Betty White Show”, “The Boat of Love” and so on. “Mom’s Family”, “Golden Palace”, “Ladies”, “The 70s Show”, “Higley Town Heroes”, “Boston Law”, “Bold and Beautiful”, “Pound Puppy”, “Cleveland Fever” “,” and many many other shows and movies.

During her career, she has won numerous honors, including multiple Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, American Comedy Awards and even Grammy Awards. She has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award many times, and has won many lifetime achievement awards and celebrations through multiple organizations.

Last time we showed Betty in front of the camera, she was making fun of creating a Facebook page for herself.

As we told you…Betty was extra careful during the pandemic, mainly relaxing at home, passing the time by reading, watching TV and doing crosswords.

Betty is 99 years old and she plans to celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17.

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