Beyonce Renaissance leaked twitter, The Only Early Album Review

Beyoncé’s upcoming album “Renaissance” will be out in about four days, and I’ve got what you need to make your ears expect.

Given that Queen Bey gave us the official tracklist last week, I thought it would be very helpful (read: ambitious) for me to review those song titles and try to guess what I think it’s about. To be clear, I have not received a pre-release copy of this album, nor have I received any leaks – you all know that’s how Parkwood or Miss Yvette Noel-Shur played. As such, these reviews are based solely on my love for Beyoncé and my informal association with Beyhive.

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“I’m That Girl” – This is definitely a bad bitch anthem. We haven’t received Mrs. Carter’s project since 2019, so she’s right to come back to remind us that she is, was, and will always be that girl.

“Comfort” – This automatically creates the feeling of “I’m sitting comfortably in my beautiful house with my husband and my beautiful kids, and I’m totally unaffected by what you guys say or say about me.” It felt like a song that would make their haters and our imaginary people even more angry about our success, and honestly, that’s what I’m here for.

Alien Superstars – Well, it’s kind of tricky, and for a number of reasons, it’s kind of tricky. 1) According to official credits, the song appears to include contributions from the likes of Jay-Z and Lucky Daye. If you’ve listened to Lucky’s latest album, Candydrip, you’ll know that he brings a futuristic feel to all of his sounds.

Listen, bye I don’t know if you and jordan are buddies, but if you are, I hope you turn it down on this song so we can really enjoy it instead of sneaking in and being a little uncomfortable when we Hit when you hit your head.

“Cuff It” – This song feels like it could fill the gap between a bad bitch anthem or asking a lover to formalize things. Of course, we know Jay-Z and Bey have been married for a while, so this doesn’t reflect her personal experience.

‘Energy’ – This song might actually be a bit moving, since there’s been so much crazy energy every year since their last project, The Lion King: The Gift.

“Break My Soul” – I’ve given my breakdown for this song, but here’s what I’m going to say: since this song came out, it seems that society as a whole is conspiring to try and break our souls.

“Church Girl” – Remember when we told you earlier this album was supposed to contain dance and country-centric songs? Well, from the title alone, I think it’s more of a dance aspect – but not the kind of dance you might think.

“Plastic Off the Sofa” – This song features “Partition” style sex, but with a little whisper groove.

“Virgo’s Groove” – ​​I’m pretty sure Bey will say Virgo is the best sign in this song.

“Move” – ​​This song automatically brings me back to “Get Me Bodied”. I have a feeling this could be a song that blows up on TikTok and plays in every Peleton class (especially looking at you, Cody Rigsby).

“Heating” – World, stop. This song features Drake, so it’s an automatic hit for me. I don’t want to make any assumptions about this topic because it doesn’t matter what the topic is. Drake and Beyonce are online. It’s already a hit! continue!

“Thique” – This song I definitely got second on “Bad Bitch Hymne”. I don’t know of a girl who wouldn’t take “yes, you got fat, didn’t you” as a compliment – unless it’s from a smelly, rude older relative or an ugly guy on the street. She yelled.

“Everything in the head” – hmm. The title of the song feels like it could blur the lines between the third “Bad Bitch Anthem” and the relationship struggles told from a man’s perspective.

“America has a problem” — first, yes, America has a problem. Second, there is only one? I really think the song is going to be a bit of a black march, in the sense that it could be one of Kendrick Lamar’s dangerous “awakening” tracks talking about capitalism, patriarchy and other issues, While others say J. Cole likes to be poetic often.

“Pure/Honey” – Honestly, the song’s title is pretty sexy. Not in an explicit or obvious horny way, but more in a vague, hidden meaning.

“Summer Renaissance” – This feels like another dance track, like “Break My Soul,” thanks in large part to Donna Summers on the official credits. It also sounds like a good album ending, kinda, kinda leads us to the second act.