Bibi und julian trennung video leaked twitter – Bibi and Julian Classen are spatially separated

What happened to Bibi and Julian Classen? Rumors of separation have been circulating for days. Now the couple coveted on YouTube is also spatially separated.

Questions about the social media disruption from Bibi (29) and Julian Classens (29) remain unclear. After the couple left Instagram and Co. completely for a while, the couple came back a few days ago and have been sending very different signals ever since.

Bibi and Julian Classen are spatially separated

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Julian Claßen wants to retire longer, as Bibi’s husband announced in a worrying Instagram story. Meanwhile, Bibi Classen turns up shopping without her wedding ring.

The influencer reported from her parents’ house on Thursday. “Good morning, I just arrived at my parents’ house. We’re going to have a really good family morning together,” Bibi told her followers on Instagram. In the following story, the mother of two is very excited. Reason: You have a “very special day” ahead of you. Unfortunately, Bibi did not reveal how all this happened. But shockingly, there was no sign of her husband.

Julian Claßen seemed to be somewhere else and showed a short Instagram story on his profile on Thursday. There you can see YouTubers walking by the sea and in the water. However, his exact whereabouts are unclear. What happened to Bibi Claßen and her Julian? Speculations about a separation of the dream couple have been buzzing for days. Now, the two even seem to spend their time in different places.