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Leah Remini accused Ellen DeGeneres of not being “interested” in her story on her talk show.

The 51-year-old actress stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show on Tuesday and interrupted the anecdote about “parents scaring their kids to shit” because she felt the host was just pretending to care about her story.

But when Ellen insists she’s interested, Leah laughs off the embarrassing encounter.

In a lengthy story, Leah showed a photo of the mask she and husband Angelo Pagan used to scare their 17-year-old daughter Sofia.

Leah went on to recall a time when she had her assistant hide in her dance coach’s van.

She said: “One of my teachers was there and I had my assistant do the braids…”

“There’s a lot going on!”: Rossio’s Donner doesn’t think…

Leah then stopped talking abruptly and said to Alan, “No, because you’re showing interest.”

She continued: “So, like, I don’t know if you’re doing that thing you’re in my story, so…”

Surprised, the Finding Nemo star replied: “I’ve always been interested!”

But Leah said enthusiastically: “You’re not, Alan! Stop.”

Both stars smiled at each other, but Allen asked: “What do you mean, I’m showing interest?”

The old-school actress then leaned over and playfully slapped Ellen on the arm, punching again before the presenter pulled her limbs apart, causing her guest to miss her third slap in the face.

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