Billy Hinsche dead and Obituary, Longtime Member of Beach Boys’ Touring Band

Billy Hinsche was the singer of the boy bands Dino, Desi and Billy in the 1960s and a long-time member of the Beach Boys tour at the age of 70.

Lucy Arnaz-daughter of Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz, his younger brother Desi Arnaz Jr. is a member of Dino, Desi and Billy, and Hinshe With Dean Paul Martin, son of Dean Martin-confirmed Hinsher’s death on Saturday, revealing that the cause was giant cell carcinoma.

“It was diagnosed only a few weeks ago,” Lucie Arnaz wrote on Instagram. “It ravaged him like an out of control train.” Coincidentally, Xin She died on the same day as his 95-year-old mother Celia.

Hinsche was born in the Philippines and moved to Beverly Hills during his childhood, where he became school friends with the sons of Arnaz and Martin. These three teenagers formed a trio in the early 1960s, and because of their relationship, they soon won a record-breaking contract.

Although Dino, Desi and Billy had some successes in 1965-including “I am a fool” and “I am not the kind of lover”-but during this period, it was the opening performance of the beach boy, which produced a great impact on people. A more lasting impact on Xinshe’s career; Hinsche and Brian Wilson also co-wrote the last single “Lady Love” by Dino, Desi and Billy.

After completing his studies in the late 1960s, Hinsche joined the Beach Boys as a member of their tour and conference musician. The multi-instrumentalist first worked in the band from 1971 to 1977-Hinsche appeared on all albums of that era, from Carl and the Passions in 1972-“So Tough” to Keepin’ in 1980 the Summer Alive-and again from 1982 to 1996. In addition to playing the keyboard and rhythm guitar, Hinsche’s mission was to sing their hit song “Sail On, Sailor” on the tour, replacing the original lead singer Blondie Chaplin.

“Saturday, we lost a good friend, family member and forever member of the Beach Boys band. We will miss him very much, especially his family will feel his loss most deeply,” Mike Love tweeted on Sunday. Specially wrote.

“All of us who are lucky enough to know him will miss his jovial nature, great talent, and sense of humor. Billy was a loving son to his mother Celia, and she also passed away on Saturday inexplicably.”

Love continued, “Very few of us know the severity of his condition, and Billy didn’t know how serious his condition was until the last few months. His good sister Anne let us know that he was The world is not long… the world misses you Billy, and we are more because of your spirit, laughter, talent, friendship and love.”

Hinsche, along with Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys, is also considered the background singer of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Set on Me”.

Hinsche’s sister Annie also married the late beach boy member Carl Wilson, making Hinsche the uncle of Brian Wilson’s children.

“I can’t believe you are gone,” Wilson’s daughter Carney wrote on Instagram. “I think of you laughing, joking, playing the keyboard, Carl’s best friend, Anne’s brother, Celia’s son, Dino Desi, and the memories of your growing up… my uncle Billy. Sergeant Bilko . Your hair is always great… I have watched it turn white for many years, but your energy has never grown old. Thank you for your tireless spirit and sense of humor to make this world a better place. [ Your] is brilliant, your ideas and creativity are always one step ahead of all of us.”

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