Who is bjvlogs? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

A former OnlyFans model who once earned six figures revealed her reason for leaving the app. 26-year-old bjvlogs has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She shares sexy photos with many of her fans on Instagram. Now the blockbuster has given up OnlyFans, because she is worried that it will “destroy her reputation” and mental health, despite making a lot of money.

bjvlogs joined Honeydri.com instead of an adult website. This is a new website whose mission is to compete with OnlyF, but with a softer tone. The model from Florida, USA said: “I stayed on OnlyFans for two and a half years and everything was fine, but people didn’t take me seriously. “Because of the type of photos and videos I uploaded, they thought I was a fool.”

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