Black Clover – All of the spells Yuno has used within the anime

Yuno is likely one of the hottest characters in Black Clover, and starred in among the finest fights in all the anime.

Being an skilled in wind strategies, Yuno’s arsenal consists of a number of artistic and extremely damaging spells, along with a really attention-grabbing transformation.

In as we speak’s publish, we checklist all of the spells already utilized by Yuno within the Black Clover anime. We won’t cowl spells utilized by him within the manga in order to not spoil the expertise of those that want to look at solely the anime.


Discover! The paragraphs beneath comprise spoilers for the Black Clover anime.

Wind Magic (Kaze Maho)

Boran no To (Twister Tower)

With this magic, Yuno is ready to create a big twister near his goal. The damaging energy of this twister is giant sufficient to fly your goal a protracted distance with out having an opportunity to strike again.

This twister can be utilized inside another person’s magic (as a protecting barrier), which finally ends up being destroyed from the within out.

Kamaitachi no Mikaduki (Crescent Moon Court docket)

Together with his grimoire open, Yuno extends his arms and kinds a blade of wind within the form of a crescent moon, launching it in the direction of his goal.

Boran no Kiba (Twister Fang)

This spell permits Yuno to create an enormous horizontal twister that pierces his opponents and his spells. This spell is powerful sufficient to crush rocks and push a number of enemies on the identical time.

Shippu no Hakkyu (White Blow Blow)

Utilizing this magic, Yuno creates a big bow manufactured from wind, after which casts six big arrows which can be fired on the goal. These arrows are able to blocking assaults, and are divided into smaller arrows that maintain going in the direction of the goal, ought to this occur.

Wind Creation Magic (Kaze Sosei Maho)

Shippu no Shirataka (Swift White Hawk)

This magic permits Yuno to manifest a hawk composed completely of wind, however which is able to finishing up any command given by Yuno as if he have been a dwelling creature.

An attention-grabbing element of this magic is that Yuno can manipulate the scale of this hawk at will, with the ability to even make it large enough to hold an individual and fly nice distances.

Fujin no Murasame (Windblade Rain)

Together with his grimoire open, Yuno creates dozens of blades composed solely of compressed wind. These blades are formed like throwing knives, and the person can management all of them on the identical time with out having to make bodily contact.

That is one in every of Yuno’s most versatile strategies, because it permits him to assault a big space without delay, or to focus all of the knives on a single goal.

Amatsukaze no Hakobune (Ark of the Heavenly Wind)

Yuno creates a gust of wind and shapes it within the form of an ark. This floating chest is dense sufficient to help the load of its person, which makes it an effective way to get round. This ark of wind appears to have the ability to journey lengthy distances with out dissipating towards the person’s will.

Religious Magic (Seirei Maho)

Shirufu no Ibuki (Sylph’s Breath)

With the assistance of Sylph, the fundamental spirit of the wind, Yuno launches an enormous sphere of concentrated wind currents in the direction of his enemy.

Spirit Dive

Together with his open library, Yuno assimilates an elemental spirit in his physique. This spell permits him to comprise and management the facility of that spirit, dramatically growing his personal magical energy within the course of.

When mixed with Sylph, Yuno’s left arm turns inexperienced, and he features a single wing on the left facet of his physique, in addition to half a crown on his head.

Spirit Storm

After utilizing the Spirit Dive, Yuno concentrates an infinite quantity of mana in his hand after which releases it within the type of a concentrated ray of wind magic.

Liable Tempest

Whereas in Spirit Dive Lively, Yuno circles in circles round his goal, growing his velocity till he creates a vortex of wind. Yuno then compresses this vortex right into a cocoon and makes use of wind currents to seal it, utterly trapping his enemy.

Spirit of Zephyr (Spirit of Zephyr)

After absorbing an elemental spirit with the Spirit Dive, Yuno condenses mana round him to create an enormous two-handed sword. As a result of it’s partially composed of exterior mana, the sword finally ends up taking over the properties of this mana.

When Yuno used it, the sword took on the properties of the wind, and due to this Yuno was capable of manifest a large twister across the sword.

Reinforcement Magic (Kyoka Maho)

Manasukin (Mana Pores and skin)

That is one in every of Black Clover’s most simple and customary spells. Because the title suggests, this spell creates a mana barrier round your physique. Many of the Magic Knights have used the method unconsciously in some unspecified time in the future. Nonetheless, it’s attainable to make use of this magic consciously by coaching, which additionally significantly will increase its impact.


Black Clover tells the story of Asta, a boy who was born in a world the place magic is every little thing. Asta goals of being the Wizard King, the supreme chief of the magicians of his nation, however he has a small downside: he has no aptitude for magic, whereas Yuno, his finest pal, is just a genius in magic.

Asta finally ends up gaining the facility of Anti-Magic, and now he’ll show to everybody that with willpower and willpower he’ll obtain his dream.

Black Clover is proven weekly in Japan, and could be adopted on Crunchyroll each in dubbed model and in its unique language.

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