Black Clover reveals the identify of Asta’s new sword

After finalizing his friendship contract with Liebe within the earlier Black Clover chapter, Asta is lastly prepared to start his actual coaching, through which collectively along with his demon he should defeat Nacht, the deputy captain of the Black Bulls squad.

So, proper originally of chapter 271 we see Asta and Liebe coming collectively, however whereas our younger protagonist continues to be making an attempt to determine how one can use his demonic powers, Nacht does not take lengthy to start out his offensive, utilizing union with one in all his demons and his Shadow Magic to create a pack of shadow clones that assault Asta from all sides.

To make it troublesome, every of those shadows has the identical ki because the vice-captain, that’s, the one approach to defeat him is to succeed in his actual physique. Understanding this, Asta resolves to counterattack, invoking the well-known katana of Yami which is linked to his grimoire, and shortly strikes a robust blow with it already imbued with Anti Magic.

Nevertheless, though that first blow solely grazed Nacht’s armor, Asta decides to call his new sword, which receives the title “Demon-Slasher Katana”, Which could be translated as“Demon Slayer Katana”.

Now, with this new weapon, the hyperlink to Liebe and Nacht’s coaching, Asta will undoubtedly be considerably stronger, and we solely need to know if it is going to be sufficient to defeat the Black Triad.

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