Doctor Who writer and K9 co-creator Bob Baker dead, aged 82 cause of death

K9official’s Twitter account published the news in a statement today (November 5).”Bob is a prolific film and television writer,” it wrote.

“Together with his late writing partner Dave Martin, they were staunch supporters of children’s television in the 1970s, and were known for their bizarre and creepy adventures. They wrote many BBC that was regarded as a true classic by fans all over the world.

The work of the TV Doctor Who story; created many unforgettable enemies for the Lord of Time in the era of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.”In addition to being responsible for many fans’ favorite Doctor Who stories, Baker and his partner Martin are also behind the doctor’s robotic dog partner K9, which made its debut in “Invisible Enemy”.

Doctor Who’s official Twitter account also paid tribute to the author, saying: “We are sad to learn that Bob Baker has passed away. He has written many adventures of doctors and is the co-creator of K9.

”In addition to working for Doctor Who, Baker and Martin also created the cult TV series “Sky” and “King of the Castle.”

He continued to produce Wallace and Gromit movies with creator Nick Parker.Eddie Robson, the author of “Doctor Who,” paid tribute to Baker on Twitter. He wrote: “Bob Baker, he once wrote his murder in the Wallace and Gromit movie. .”Robson also shared two photos of the above scenes, and Baker himself is in the classic Adelman style.

Before becoming a writer, Baker was an immortal stonemason and animator. He also wrote an autobiography “K9 Stole My Trousers”, reviewing his 50-year entertainment career.In later life, Baker also set up a production company, “created a new audience for K9, through Disney, cartoon network and BBC children’s channel to broadcast TV series on a global scale.

“Baker recently wrote the script for a new K9 movie and TV series that will “continue to pay tribute to Bob and his legacy.”

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