Bobbi Althoff leaked onlyf twitter, Drake trolls TikTok star over

MRandom News Bobbi Althoff leaked onlyf twitter, Drake trolls TikTok star over

Canadian rapper Drake engaged in trolling behavior towards TikTok influencer Bobbi Althoff after she disclosed that she had forgone celebrating her child’s inaugural birthday in order to conduct an interview with him. On July 21, the 25-year-old social media figure utilized her YouTube platform as a means to present an interview with the 36-year-old musician, during which he delved into topics such as his financial standing, intentions regarding matrimony, and various intimate aspects of his life.

During their 55-minute interview, the singer of “Nice for What” requests Althoff to pose a few additional inquiries. In response, the podcaster discloses that she sacrificed the celebration of her daughter’s inaugural birthday in order to conduct the interview. In a seemingly disillusioned manner, Drake then responds:

Bobbi Althoff has a brief background, and it is not related to his birthday. Somewhere secure is where he is.

Bobbi Althoff, who was born on July 31, 1997, hails from the state of California. As reported by the news source Legit, although she holds American citizenship, her heritage is a blend of different ethnic backgrounds. This 25-year-old individual gained prominence through her presence on TikTok, where she boasts an impressive fan base of 4 million devoted followers.

By producing a variety of entertaining content such as lip-syncs, fashion videos, maternity wear tips, and beauty tutorials, she garnered a substantial fan base on her social media platforms.

After identifying herself as an “aspiring podcaster” on her TikTok biography, she proceeded to debut her podcast, The Really Good Podcast, in June of 2023.

During the episode, Bobbi Althoff’s initial guest happened to be the comedian Rick Glassman, and together they engaged in a lively conversation seated around an ordinary table. Throughout the podcast, Althoff’s distinctive interviewing style, which could be described as somewhat awkward, was on full display.

Among her other attendees were the esteemed rapper Armani White and the renowned YouTuber Funny Marco.

After her interview with Armani went viral, a clip emerged online in which she disclosed her favorite film as The Little Mermaid. In the clip, the singer posed a question about whether her preference was for the version featuring predominantly White characters or the one with predominantly Black characters. In response to this inquiry, she provided her answer.