Bomb! Collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft? Halo winks and the internet goes crazy

UNITED STATES.- For several days the rumors of a possible collaboration between Nintendo Y Microsoft they began to haunt the social networks before the evident fury on the part of the gamers. And recently the video game Halo has thrown more fuel on the fire with an illustration of Super Mario Bros uploaded on his official Instagram account, which could confirm all this and become a real bomb.

In this sense, the famous mix between the two universes has been one of the most talked about news in the field of video games and a fanart would be one of the small premises that continue to fuel speculation. The work of “Pikathorchu” has been shared by the official Halo profile and we can see Mario Bros with the famous costume from the first-person shooter video game.

Given this, of course there has not been a clear position on the part of either of the two companies regarding these rumors. Even the Instagram Halo only limited himself to writing: “The adventures of Mario Chief and Peachtana, eh?”, so his fans quickly began to ask about the famous collaboration that continues to haunt the web without a concrete answer.

Nintendo and Microsoft’s plans

It is worth recapping everything that has begun to take shape a few months ago when Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, made a live show where he showed his shelf full of things. Obviously, the custom of such objects being a clue to their plans has not gone unnoticed by the trained eye of men and women. gamers who gave all their attention to each one of them and oh, surprise!

The Kojima Productions Ludens figure and a Nintendo Switch were the ones that generated the most buzz for obvious reasons. But nonetheless, on the “GamesBeat” podcast Jeff Grubb has revealed that “almost all” of Spencer’s shelves meant something. And to add more “candle” the Reddit user “Shpeshal Ed” (who enjoys a good reputation and reputation) stated that something was happening between Nintendo and Xbox.

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