Bomb! Nate Díaz has a return date in the UFC and will do it against a star

The extraordinary and legendary fighter of UFC, Nate Diaz, already has a date back to the cage. The American stricker with gigantic experience in the matter will do it with a star of today, being one of the best fights of this year. In front you will have Leon edwards, who is one of the candidates to fight for the Welterweight title, although for now he thinks about this fight.

Take a look at me on May 15th. I’ll be headlining # ufc262 in Houston, Texas. I’ll also have the new UFC lightweight title fight on the card. I need people to know that these guys have been working really hard and I can’t wait. to see who stays with my old man 👑 I see uguys there 👊🏼 », was what Díaz wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Some weeks ago, Nate He had mentioned, ‘I think a fight with me would be more real, a more serious situation for him. I don’t think I could sleep with that. That’s the guy there. I’ll fight that guy. That’s who I’ll fight. I like the winners because I am the winner. I am not lost to anyone. I’m trying to fight the guys who are winning.

In that sense, Nate Diaz He also acknowledged: «I think Oliveira is the best fight at the moment and Dustin Poirier. No, I won’t fight 155. I will probably fight 170, 165, anything up to 185. No 155. That’s a dead division. I have nothing that I am looking for in that division, nothing to point to. I feel like I already have it, so I’ll probably fight at 170 pounds. “

Your track record

At 35 years of age, and being away for almost two years, Nate Diaz come back with everything. His current record is 21-12-0 and he is 4-2 in knockouts. Also, add 13-1 in submissions. His last fights were against Conor McGregor twice, winning and losing another, then defeating Anthony Pettis and falling against Jorge Masvidal for the “BMF” belt. Now, it was confirmed that he returns in the UFC 262, five rounds, on May 15.

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