Bomb! Paleontology team finds cat-sized dinosaur footprint

UNITED STATES.- With great amazement it has been reported that a paleontology team in China has found the footprint of a dinosaur the size of a cat, which dates back 100 million years. In this way was the teacher Lida xing of the China University of Geosciences who found the clue for the research group to delve into the relevant work.

“This footprint was made by a dinosaur armored herbivore widely known as stegosaurus, the family of dinosaurs that includes the famous stegosaurus. Like the stegosaurus, this little dinosaur probably had spikes on its tail and bony plates along its back as an adult ”, it was revealed through a statement that has started to generate a stir on the internet.

In this sense, it was detailed that the footprint has characteristics similar to those of other stegosaurs with three short, broad and round finger marks, but it was emphasized that the young stegosaurus is believed to have a different behavior. Thus, it was detailed that this type of dinosaurs walked with their heels on the ground, just like humans, but on all fours.

Source: University of Queensland.

“With a footprint of less than six centimeters, this is the smallest known stegosaur footprint in the world. It is in sharp contrast to other stegosaurus tracks found at the Chinese track site that measured up to 30 centimeters, and tracks found in places like Broome in Western Australia, where they can measure up to 80 centimeters, ”revealed Anthony Romilio, researcher at the University of Queensland.

On the other hand, it was highlighted that the fact that they were walkers was possible and that walking with their heels could have occurred progressively with their aging. “The little clue shows that this dinosaur had been moving with its heel lifted off the ground, like a bird or cat does today. Previously, we had only seen shortened tracks like this when dinosaurs walked on two legs. ”

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