Bombshell: the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix about to be canceled, what happened?

The calendar of the Formula 1 it undergoes constant modifications due to the coronavirus pandemic. After several changes and rumors, it seems that this Tuesday it will be confirmed that the Canadian Grand Prix it is going to be definitively canceled. On the other hand, it has already begun to circulate that another circuit, which was part of the last season, would join in its replacement.

This Tuesday is the last opportunity for the Canadian Grand Prix to confirm or not its presence in the 2021 season. However, everything seems to indicate that they will finally be dropped from the calendar. Several media have already confirmed the news, although the official statement has not yet come out. On the other hand, the idea of ​​the category would not risk running 23 races in the year.

The Canadian newspaper ‘La Presse’ both Formula 1, as well as the organizers and owners of the circuit Gilles Villeneuve they are considering the chance to cancel the race. It would be the second consecutive time that the Canadian Grand Prix has been canceled, both due to the pandemic of COVID. The epidemiological situation is not the best in Canada, which in the last hours had very high numbers.

According to the daily report that records the data of the pandemic, in Canada there were 10,859 new infections this Monday. In addition, there were 41 new deaths. In total, in Canada there were more than a million people infected and more than 23,000 deaths. This would force the organization of the race to run behind closed doors, something they would not accept. The circuit of Turkey it would be his replacement.

According to the ‘’ medium, the organizers do not want to lose more money on investments in the Grand Prix, so the possibility of racing without an audience, as Formula 1 did during 2020 is not acceptable. “It is a hole of four million euros, which must fill the organization of the race in Canada,” says this portal.

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