Boruto 193 revisits a hero from the past with a touching scene

Boruto 193 revisited a fallen hero from the past with a very moving scene. Boruto had a great affection for Mugino, and this scene made it very evident how much the death of his friend affected him.

Boruto and Mugino developed yet another connection during the events before the current arc really started with some missions with the two together, and Boruto is still feeling the pain of losing someone close to him. The anime had not yet shown its feelings after Mugino’s death, but the most recent episode allows him and Konohamaru to cry for their fallen friend.

Boruto 193 revisits a hero from the past with a touching scene

Boruto spends one last moment thinking about what Mugino left behind. It is not much, but when feeding the turtle that Mugino left he has a brief conversation with Konohamaru. The two talk about their feelings for Mugino and talk about his memories. At that moment, Boruto starts to cry.

The two talk about not knowing why Mugino was so considerate of the Third Hokage, but while they will never know, Mugino’s turtle is at least in good hands. While Boruto kept it fed, Konohamaru quickly attached himself to the turtle and decided to adopt it from then on.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the direct sequel to Naruto Shippuden, both in the anime and in the manga.

In this new story, we accompany Boruto, son of Naruto. Together with their teammates from Team 7, they live new adventures and interact with old and new characters from the franchise.

Although the anime is still telling the story of young Boruto, it has some good bows, bringing Naruto and Sasuke back, and stories where the young man is the main protagonist.

The first phase of the anime tells the graduation of Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki in the ninja school, as well as his first missions. After that, we have the Chunin Exam, which adapts the film Boruto: Naruto the Movie and shows how Boruto obtained Karma.

After that, we have another series of arcs that tell the development of the members of Team 7, and that gradually introduce the Kara Organization, a great antagonist of the series.

Currently, Boruto is adapting the third major arc of the manga, with the presentation of Kawaki, Kashin Koji, Jigen and other remarkable characters in the story.

The anime can be followed in full on Crunchyroll and gets new chapters every week.

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