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Boruto 54 introduced an error in Sasuke’s Amaterasu that virtually no person observed

One of many complexities of the Mangekyou Sharingan’s powers is that every eye receives a singular energy. And that these powers are sometimes totally different from Uchiha to Uchiha. Even Itachi and Uchiha, brothers who’ve the facility to invoke Amaterasu’s black flames achieve this utilizing totally different eyes. Or it was like that earlier than Sasuke obtained the Everlasting Mangekyou Sharingan.


The nomenclature of the powers of Itachi (the primary powers of the MS that we all know within the sequence) are influenced by Shinto, as defined right here.

Thus, he, like all Uchiha with two MS, has three “distinctive” skills: Amaterasu in the precise eye, Tsukuyomi within the left eye and Susanoo’o with each eyes.

Sasuke, upon awakening Mangekyou himself, developed the invocation of Amaterasu within the eye left, the form management of those flames, the Kagutsuchi, in the precise eye, along with Susano’o.

And, thus far, the whole lot so as.

The issue is that Sasuke not too long ago misplaced an eye fixed. Exactly the left eye, which was now a singular type of Rinnegan that allowed him to make use of the powers of the 2 dojutsu.

However in the course of the combat that occurred after he misplaced his eye, he used his proper eye to assault Borushiki with Amaterasu.

What occurred? Did the authors merely neglect which eye Sasuke may use Amaterasu with? A Masashi Kishimoto ball meals?

It’s definitely attainable. And it would not be the primary time, inclusive.

However it is usually attainable that one thing else is feasible. Sasuke’s eyes will not be simply your eyes. They’re transplanted Itachi eyes. That is how he managed to awaken the Everlasting Mangekyou Sharingan.

And, as we mentioned earlier than, Itachi had the power to invoke Amaterasu together with his proper eye.

It’s attainable that there’s a switch of abilities between the Mangekyou. That Itachi’s skill to summon Amaterasu together with his proper eye has handed on to Sasuke.

Simply because the patterns of each the donor and recipient of the MS merge to create the Everlasting MS, it’s attainable that the powers are additionally merged.

Or it was a wrestle for Sasuke to not lose all of the related powers along with Rinnegan. One of many two, definitely.

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