Boruto manga prepares a new Meeting of the Five Kages

As much as one of the main antagonists of the manga of Boruto finally been defeated, the Konoha ninjas know that the problems are far from over, especially with the emergence of a new threat, which can pose an even greater danger than Jigen.


So, one of the most important parts of chapter 56 of the manga was the conversation between Naruto, Shikamaru and loved, where the scientist revealed everything he knows about Code, the internal member of Kara who owns the White Karma and inherited the will to Isshiki.

Amado explains that Code he is quite different from the other members of the organization, mainly because of his adoration of the Otsutsuki clan, to the point that he accepted to have restraints on his body, so that his strength would not exceed Jigen’s. However, now that Isshiki has been killed, Amado speculates that Code will certainly seek revenge, which puts Naruto, Boruto and everyone else in the Village in danger.

Given this situation, Naruto wishes to share all this information with the other villages, asking Shikamaru to start preparations for the Gokage Kaidan, the Meeting of the Five Kages.

Previously, the call for the five Kages has taken place at different times throughout the Naruto franchise, always to discuss extremely important matters, such as the threat of Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden and the fate of Kawaki already at Boruto’s events.

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