Boruto’s Bombastic Chapter Reveals How Kawaki Will Keep Otsutsuki Powers

The explosive twist that Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations got here to alter the whole lot we have been desirous about what would occur to Boruto and Kawaki. And with chapter 54, we’ll even perceive how Kawaki will preserve Otsutsuki powers after Jigen’s demise.


We realized within the final yr that the Karma model – the one which Momoshiki utilized to Boruto and Jigen / Isshiki utilized to Kawaki – was an “extractor” Otsutsuki. It incorporates the person’s DNA, which step by step extracts and takes care of the host, till Otsutsuki might be reborn within the new physique.

Kawaki then grew to become a time bomb, being Isshiki Otsutsuki’s final dwelling vessel. Even when he have been defeated, Isshiki’s risk would exist so long as Kawaki had the Karma mark. However Amado’s masterful plan labored and he managed to pressure Isshiki to be forcefully reborn in Jigen’s fragile physique, which might solely have just a few days to dwell as a result of it was not suitable.

The concept grew to become to cover Kawaki from Isshiki lengthy sufficient … Which just about did not work, however the efforts of Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke and Kawaki himself prevented the worst, with Isshiki having died with out the prospect to place a brand new one on. mark on the boy.

However that raised the query … if Kawaki now not has the Karma model because of these occasions, how did he appear to nonetheless have these powers within the flash foward?

The reply, nonetheless, got here from Borushiki. After having his chakra reserves pushed to the restrict, Boruto misplaced consciousness and his physique was taken over by Momoshiki once more. The villain destroyed Sasuke’s Rinnegan and went into fight towards Kawaki. After getting shut sufficient, Momoshiki said that though Isshiki can now not dominate Kawaki, the extraction of Karma was extraordinarily superior.

At this level, 80% of the boy’s DNA was Otsutsuki, which might make him nonetheless function a sacrifice to Isshiki’s Ten-Tailed Beast for the beginning of a brand new Chakra Fruit.

Kawaki is now not beneath Isshiki’s affect, however his physique has suffered sufficient change that he’s virtually an Otsutsuki. That manner, he will definitely be capable of use the powers he has acquired – together with resonance with Boruto to generate teleportation portals.

Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations is the direct sequel to Naruto Shippuden, each within the anime and within the manga.

On this new story, we accompany Boruto, son of Naruto. Along with their Staff 7 colleagues, they expertise new adventures and work together with outdated and new characters from the franchise.

Though the anime remains to be telling the story of younger Boruto, it has some good bows, bringing Naruto and Sasuke again, and tales the place the younger man is the principle protagonist.

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