Brian Bennett drummer is dead? Obituary 2021

Brian Laurence Bennett, OBE (born February 9, 1940 in Palmers Green, North London, England) [1] is a British drummer, pianist, composer and pop music producer . He is best known as the drummer of the British rock band The Shadows. He is the father of musician and Shadows member Warren Bennett.

Educated at Hazlewood Lane School, Palmers Green in London and Winchmore Council Schools, he finished his studies at the age of 16, playing drums for holidaymakers in a Ramsgate Light Dance Performance. After returning to London, he became the internal drummer of The 2i’s Coffee Bar in Soho and often performed on Jack Good’s TV show Oh Boy!

He then became a member of Marty Wilde’s Wildcats team in 1959. [1] After a successful collaboration with Wildcats, he appeared on their instrumental record without Wilde (recorded as Krew Kats), “Trambone”, he supported some London stage performances by Tommy Steele, and then in 1961 He joined Cliff Richard and Shadow as a replacement for Tony Meehan in October.

In 1967, Bennett released a solo album of jazz music called Change of Direction, mono and stereo (none of which is included in the chart). This is the first solo album of a member of Shadows. [Citation needed] In the 1970s, Bennett’s music was selected for several Radley Metzger films, including Barbara Broadcast and The Opening of Misty Beethoven.

In all subsequent lineups, he stayed with the band and participated in Shadows’ European tour in May 2005. During a performance in Reykjavik, Iceland, his finger was slightly injured. A fragment of a chicken leg pierced under the nail of his right hand. He removed it with an old pair of pliers and put a cast on it. After arriving in Paris, France a few days later, he felt very painful and he called the doctor.

The doctor diagnosed that the infection was serious and advised Bennett to go to the hospital immediately. He thought this was just a short visit, but found that it would involve a slight but very painful detoxification operation. He was supposed to be playing on stage that night, but he has already missed the audition. He arrived at the theater 15 minutes before the performance with a bandage on his right hand, still numb from anesthesia. He managed to play the entire show with a changed playing style.

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