Brian Peppers dead or still alive? convicted sex offender

Congratulations Brain Peppers! This young slayer recited his alphabet in front of the class with only 26 mistakes! It’s only fair to say he’s had his doubters ever since he was convicted of exposing himself to a minor, but we never doubted Brian, what a man!

MRandom News

Brian Peppers was convicted of aggravated sexual harassment in Ohio in 1998. Following his conviction, he was listed on the Ohio Electronic Sex Offenders Registry. The entry includes a photo of Brian Peppers, who may have a craniofacial genetic disorder such as Cruson syndrome.

In early 2005, photos of Brian Peppers circulated in posts on the You’re the Man Now, Dog! meme hub. (YTMND). Part of the allure of Brian Pepper’s face, ridiculed or stared at for its disfigurement, is a photo that doubts it’s even real. This challenge led fact-checking site to authenticate the images. In addition to verifying the photo, they also verified Peppers’ identity with the Ohio Attorney’s Office. They even got a high school photo of Brian Peppers from a former classmate.

The image went viral as a meme and became so infamous that someone tried to create a Wikipedia page for Brian Peppers. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales conducted a takedown review in 2007 and decided to permanently delete the page. As with many internet fads, Brian Peppers’ imagery is used less as YTMND transitions to creating other memes.