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We first discussed with him how the needs of our clients have changed, the investment he has made to meet these needs, and why curiosity is one of the highest qualities he is looking for among consultants.

It enables our customers to scale to solve problems, thereby benefiting them. The local company keeps us small enough to stay close. Compared with some large companies, we are able to cooperate with customers on a completely different level.

At the same time, as the largest local company, we have the ability to provide solutions to customers’ most strategic business challenges. Especially when it can expand in their organization and bring them cutting-edge technology. If we were a company of 20 or 30 people, we would not be able to do this.

You are investing heavily in Denver’s technical practices. Is this in response to the growing demand in the market?

It is true. As we and our clients win strategic seats at the negotiating table, their expectations have also increased. They expect intellectual capital; they expect market prospects; they expect additional value in terms of solution type, delivery, and dedication level.

We have been investing heavily in Slalom’s leadership. I think the next level of investment should not only bring a group of outstanding talents and expertise to our clients, but also really bring leadership to understand and deliver what they want to achieve from a business perspective. Therefore, this is an important reason why we hire a new managing director as we continue to develop various technical products.

Data is becoming an important part of every company in all walks of life. Whether you are in analysis or business, you need to understand how to organize data from a technical perspective, and then connect it to run your business.

This is a big thing our customers need: to help integrate their data into their business. We introduce expertise in our practice areas, whether it is technical support, system integration or digitization. Connecting these business areas, rather than letting them work independently, is absolutely crucial.

We have been investing in these areas for many years, but now we have truly entered a leader who can integrate these practices and deliver them in a disciplined manner.

How do you think you can become an excellent consultant? What qualities do you look for when hiring?

For me, curiosity and responsibility. You must be truly curious and want to help your customers solve their problems. You need to truly understand the business value to your customers.

From an accountability perspective, the job you are asked to do is easy, but the key lies in the method, considering different projects that the client may not have thought of, and applying experience in other projects. If you are a consultant, you have a variety of experiences to learn from, and these experiences are valuable to clients.

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