Bridgewater Walmart shooting today, active shooter – whats happened?

there may be an active shooter at the Bridgewater Walmart in Hamilton, OH. if you are seeing this and you are also a Cincinnati local, STAY HOME

Authorities are responding to reports of a shooting at a Walmart in Bridgewater Falls on Thursday.

Several Hamilton Police Department officers responded to the mall and ordered all areas to be sealed off immediately.

The suspect’s vehicle was later found in an apartment building in Hamilton, authorities said. Police approached the vehicle and found no one inside.

All are urged to avoid the area at this time. One person was treated by paramedics. No further information is currently available.

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@WLWT so…Butler County Scanner on fb just posted a bunch of pics of heavy 1st responder presence at BridgewaterWalmart. Comments indicate active shooter? Hoping this is just a rumor….