Brutal! The new Loki trailer leaks and it’s a real madness

UNITED STATES.- Just a few weeks after the premiere of Loki, the new series of Marvel Y Disney Plus, a new trailer which is a real bomb. The god of lies will arrive on the recent platform of streaming to capture the looks of the fans of this Universe. The spot has been broadcast on television and social networks have started to go crazy and it is no wonder.

Obviously, after the success of “WandaVision” and the arrival of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, the chips are on Loki. In this way, the promo was launched that has enchanted everyone. Of course, the company knows the potential of this character as one of the most beloved and is expected to be a real success in its premiere on Disney Plus.

The protagonist, Tom Hiddleston, is also an extremely strong card since he is already an icon of the Marvel Universe. Each and everyone has in their mind the face of the British actor as the figure of the god of lies and brother of Thor. The antihero has earned himself a favorite among the entire audience and, we could even assure that he has a greater acceptance over other renowned superheroes.

It is important to note that Loki He’s smart and if he loves something, it’s getting into a lot of trouble. You have your goals well set and you don’t care what you have to do to achieve them. And the new series will portray that facet in a much greater conflict, something that will run through its existence. Undeniably, no one expects him to be a true hero and they look forward to seeing what treachery he can come out with.

For this reason, the TV spot has captured everyone’s gaze because Tom Hiddleston appears shirtless. The reason is obvious and the fans have gone crazy and the comments and even memes about their physical appearance have not been long in coming. Without a doubt, the fact that the British continue to lead the character makes the fandom pending and guarantees a true success.


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