Cailin Foster is dead or still alive? Obituary 2021

Introduce you to the thought behind Cai Lin’s (my) FeelGood blog! I am a clinical exercise physiology student in Queensland. I am passionate about taking exercise as medicine, and look forward to improving people’s daily physical functions through physical exercise, helping to treat and manage chronic diseases, and improving the overall health of clients.

The FeelGood blog is my starting point to introduce people to the benefits of exercise, and hope to inspire you to see the benefits and start or continue to exercise and exercise!

I have been playing hockey for more than 10 years, and I will not give up on it soon (or forever!). I started ballet class last year. In addition to exercising, I also like to spend a hiking holiday in Tasi, comforting myself with a book and a cup of latte in winter, watching dance movies, dancing around the house to Hilltop Hoods…and I consider myself a chocolate maniac.

In addition, of course I am glad you are paying attention to FeelGood. I hope to help people understand why exercise should not be something to fear or avoid, but should and definitely be enjoyed by everyone.

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