Came to UFC to be champion: Michael Chandler wants to knock out two legends

Michael chandler will be measured with Charles Oliveira for the Lightweight belt of UFC, being a favorite for many. Therefore, the American assures that he will break it and then go for other legends of Mixed Martial Arts: Conor mcgregor and Dustin Poirier. Without a doubt, the former Bellator champion is here to stay and goes through all the stars in the division, already passing the first goal, knocking out Dan Hooker.

Starting with his words, Chandler Said, ‘I love it, man. It’s Conor being Conor. Listen, you can say what you want about Conor, but the guy is the biggest combat sports icon on the planet. Not just now, but it has been for a while and will be for the foreseeable future. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I think it’s a great idea and I love the prospect of him beating Dustin Poirier and me by putting my belt on the line, November or December, and him putting the belt on. Conor mcgregor«.

«The line in November or December. I would love to have a rare patek belt on my cloak to add to my collection. I want to share the octagon with Conor mcgregor sooner or later, eventually before I retire. So we’ll see if it happens after he beats Charles Oliveira. How many fights it will take, we’ll see. I think Conor is known, for lack of a better word, for making big adjustments, tweaking his game plan, tweaking his approach to the game, “he said.

You’ll make it?

At the same time, Michael He recounted: “There are not many more brilliant minds in sport than Conor McGregor. I think he has one of the highest fighting IQs in the lightweight division for sure and there are only a couple of small adjustments he needs to make to his game to go out there and beat Poirier. The other thing about Poirier, Poirier had nothing to lose in the last fight. He had nothing to lose. Now he has something to lose because he had the opportunity to fight me or Charles for the title and he said no, he wanted to fight with Conor«.

So you let a title fight go by to fight Conor, there is a lot of pressure that goes along with making that decision. So we’ll see how it plays out, but I think Conor makes some adjustments and at least he looks a lot better in this next fight. I am not saying that he is going to get the victory, but he is in a better position now that he was in January when they fought, “he concluded. Michael chandler, the possible new champion of UFC.

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