Cameron Audet dead and obituary, Director of Web Development Altos – cause of death

I am building a web application in Laravel using the frontend frameworks Bootstrap/Tailwind and VUE/REACT. I also support Drupal, Joomla and WordPress on a daily basis. I’m working on JAMStack technology using Netlify and GitHub and enjoy building NODEJS applications for personal projects. Feel free to say hi, you can usually find me on the Laravel Discord channel @audetcameron.

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Create and maintain websites and digital campaigns. Create A/B testing pages and analytics reports to contribute to AdWords, retargeting and social media campaigns. Created custom templates for email marketing. Work with creative teams to conceive and create video and photo content, and customize the use of build process tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack to reduce page load times on existing client sites by up to 40%.

Create and manage websites for a portfolio that includes local and national organizations, from small local businesses to global industry leaders. Contribute to the full range of digital asset creation and delivery. Launch a reactive development framework for all new and existing clients across the company.