Can you lead the two companies? Scott Coker confident Michael Chandler will be UFC champion

In a few weeks, Michael chandler will collide with Charles Oliveira for the Lightweight belt in UFC. Therefore, the American assures that he will break it and then go for another legend of Mixed Martial Arts: Conor McGregor. Without a doubt, the former champion of Bellator He is here to stay and goes to all the stars of the division, so he is already excited about the golden band on his waist. This will be in the main event of UFC 262, on May 15.

For this reason, a few hours ago the President of Bellator, Scott coker, who is confident that his ex-boyfriend can lead the category in the competition. He was always very attached to the extraordinary fighter, so this time he was no exception and communicated his support for the new star of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In that sense, he took over the fighter they “manufactured.”

Being so, Coker remarked: «Michael He is homegrown here and has had a lot of fights. It doesn’t surprise me at all because he was our world champion for a while until he was defeated by ‘Pitbull’. So to me, I always felt like if he was going to go there, I said, ‘Hey, when you go there, you have to go get that belt.’ Go kick butt, go hit everyone and get that title. ‘ I thought I was going to do it in two fights? No”.

“But you know what? I am happy for him. He has proven himself and is something that, for me, will be a fight between Bellator and UFC. You have Michael who fights for the UFC, but here he is an adult. We’ve always known his talent, so when he knocks out that guy, or whoever he’s fighting, he’ll be the champion. ‘Pitbull’ will always have a claim as the best in the world because he beat Chandler«, He asserted Scott.

What Chandler Said

Days ago, Chandler reported: “Most likely I will face Conor or Poirier, whoever wins that fight. I think it’s Conor. I think there are some little things that Conor can do to win that fight. I think it’s Conor McGregor later this fall or winter, but it’s also probably wishful thinking. If it’s Dustin Poirier, I’m excited about that opportunity too. I think I play Dustin Poirier better than a lot of guys in the division. “

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