Obituary 2021 – Veteran NFL official Carl Madsen dead on way home from Chiefs-Titans game

The league said that NFL veteran Carl Madsen died on his way home from the end of a game on Sunday. The league told CNN that senior National Football League official Carl Madsen died on Sunday on the way home from a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. He is 71 years old.

“Carl Madsen served as an NFL referee for more than two decades, first as a respected live official, and then transitioning to a replay role from 2009,” said Walter Anderson, senior vice president of NFL referee training and development. statement.

“As an amazing friend and colleague, Carl’s love of football and dedication to refereeing always exist because he generously shared his time mentoring young officials in clinics across the country. As a veteran of the Air Force, Carl has a huge I miss the spirit and the will very much.”

According to, Madsen served in the U.S. Air Force from 1973-76 and has been a replay officer since 2009, making him and another official the most experienced of the league’s 17 replay officials. Before replaying the official role, Madsen was a field official from 1997 to 2008.

“People who worked with him on the court and during the rematch will miss Carl,” said Scott Green, president of the NFL Referees Association, in a statement to the professional football conversation. “He has a nickname among his colleagues in the’Great Power’, which is not only related to his size, but also to his enthusiastic and generous personality.”

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