Carlos Pompa, journalist for El Nueve, dead at 56

The members of El Nueve are very saddened by the death of Carlos Pompa, a reporter for this channel’s newscast, who was found dead in his Chacarita apartment at the age of 56. Although the cause of his death is unclear, his body shows no signs of violence.

The channel’s news manager, Marcelo Antin, and his fellow broadcasters confirmed the sad news to the newspaper Nación.

A police source commented that after calling 911, the police approached his apartment in the afternoon. After arriving at the scene, they chatted with a man who claimed to be a friend of the reporter. This person was concerned because Carlos did not respond to his call and did not open the door for him.

After contacting a woman who had the keys to the apartment, they entered and found him in the apartment. Soon, SAME arrived and found that Carlos was dead. Although he is part of the newscast, the communicator was previously director of news for Cablevisión Sur.

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