Carlos Sainz made a tremendous confession about his father: “It worries me”

The family Sainz It was raised between gasoline and engines. Carlos Sainz, today pilot of Ferrari, is proud of the sports career his father had, too Carlos. Two-time World Champion of Rally and three times winner of the Dakar rally, the figure of the ‘Matador’ is very important in Spanish sport. Despite this, his son confessed that he is afraid for his father every time he competes. «It worries me«He commented.

Settled in his first year at Ferrari, Sainz gave an interview to the Italian media ‘Corriere della Sera’. There he spoke among other things, how he is in his relationship with his father, who at 59 years of age (turned yesterday Monday) is still active. Currently, the Two-Time Rally Champion is competing in the Extreme E, and is present annually at the Dakar Rally.

The Dakar is the ‘Most Difficult Race in the World’ and Sainz knows that. The rally driver’s son made it clear that every time his father leaves for Arabia he feels a lot of concern, because he understands that things are going to get complicated. Despite that, Carlos Jr. made it clear that he supports his father every time he shows up in the race and wants him to take the victory.

“I trust him”

Before I did not worry so much, now ‘my’. With each passing year I worry a little more, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a natural feeling for being a little older, that you care a little more for your loved ones. Now I tell him that he is going to win but to be careful because he has a family that awaits him when he returns in Madrid. I trust him 100%, but I tell him to be careful.

Extreme E and Dakar

Far from abandoning the activity, the ex-pilot of the WRC is still valid. This season he will be present in the new Extreme E electric category. On the first date he finished in fourth place, very close to obtaining the podium. On the other hand, he confirmed that he will be present at the 2022 edition of the Dakar Rally, which will be again in Saudi Arabia.

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