The painter Carmen Laffon dead in La Jara Extraordinary artist – Cause of death

Carmen Laffón dies in La Jara. Extraordinary artist, of great sensitivity and tenacious worker. Example and wonderful gift for those Andalusian women who make an effort. She knew how to catch the light of Seville and Sanlúcar in a prodigious way. Universal Andalusian, we have your work.

Carmen Laffón’s life was extinguished at dawn before the gloom of the sea, where the estuaries of Doñana and Guadalquivir were torn apart by the darkest sound of the waves. A few hours later, in her hometown of Calle Vírgenes de Sevilla, her closest family and friends looked at her in private, as the least vain artist I know. The eternal Carmen Laffón (Carmen Laffón) at the age of 87 continued to row with her brush towards the horizon of the essence of light and the soul.

‘Eterna Carmen Laffón’, so that her art is understood in the future in all its authenticity and modernity, as a universal colored light, and so that her legacy is exhibited in Seville as a cultural experience transfected by sensitivity and emotion.

Either now or in the future, we must avoid simplifying the subject and copying and pasting the arguments to reduce the vision and understanding of the meaning of Carmen Lafon in the cultural world, as well as of Seville as a person, and its heritage. of painting, drawing and sculpture. This is not Sevillian art or Andalusian art, but capital letters and art without borders. The last two projects she started at age 80, painting and painting large-format works: the exhibition “Landscape and Place” and “Salt”, were an admirable bold freedom until her last days. Surrounded by an environment that is not contained, it breaks the watertight compartment of image and abstraction and enters a space without contours, where colors and lines are the disappearance of a common philosophical call that transcends time, geography, and culture. form and identity sign. common.

In 1865, Amante Laffón (Amante Laffón) was born and lived in a large house that still stands in the town of Vévar. She is the pioneer of the so-called “worker’s retirement”, granting the first pension to the workers by means of the monthly payment “. Fat dogs” to the Xiandalusia Social Security Fund.

In 1913 her wife Soto de ella, a native of Santo Domingo, died when she entrusted the distribution of property to the poor, her husband worked hard and promoted the creation of the National Institute of Social Studies. Safety and well-being. In 1930, he inherited part of the legacy of the Sevillian monarch and promoted the creation of juvenile courts and correctional houses in Alcalá de Guadaira, which greatly reduced the crimes of minors and minors, but most importantly, he commissioned the famous architect José Gómez Millán the construction of the Retiro Obrero Community in the Macarena commune, its leader successfully restored it during the Mayor of Juan Espadas in 2018. This plaque is in his memory. The memory has existed in the buildings in the area for a long time.

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