Carmen Salinas is dead? is in a coma and uses an artificial respirator

The actress Carmen Salinas Lozano passed away at the age of 82, after being hospitalized for a stroke and subsequently falling into a coma. #EPD Carmelita Salinas

The entertainment industry in Mexico wakes up with unfortunate news. In the early morning of Thursday, November 11, Carmen Salinas, the symbol of the soap opera, was hospitalized due to an emergency. Family members confirmed that the 82-year-old artist had “partial stroke”.

They revealed that Carmen Salinas has a poor health prognosis because she is in a natural coma and is using an artificial respirator.

“He went to take a shower after dinner and his pressure in the bathroom increased. She was found by people working in her house and was urgently transferred. They confirmed that it was a stroke,” a reporter from the Hoy show said before interviewing the actress’s family. It is the granddaughter Carmen Salinas who tells how the artist lost consciousness.

According to her report, the actress passed out around 10:00 in the evening. Meter. Watch her soap opera on Wednesday, November 10th, shortly after dinner. She “She uses a ventilator to assist her breathing. She started to feel bad for a moment. The diagnosis is subtle and she is serious.

She is not an induced coma, but a natural coma,” Carmen Plascencia said. Along with her, the actress’ nephew Gustavo Briones (Gustavo Briones) was also present.

Carmen Salinas’ family assured that she is going through a difficult situation due to the concern generated by the artist’s state of health. “The Salinas family shares with them that the first actress Carmen Salinas is going through a difficult health situation, which is why she remains in the intensive care area, where specialist doctors treat her,” the statement read.

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