Carol Speed dead and obituary, cause of death bubbly and adorable actress

Lovely, racy, and lovable actress Carol Speed ​​has gotten quite a bit of credit for her lively and delightful contributions to some of the delightfully sleazy and dirty blaxploitation features of the 1970s The popularity of cult movies.

She was born Caroline Stewart on March 14, 1945, in Bakersfield, California. She was the first black returning queen in Santa Clara County and one of the first blacks to receive a theater scholarship to the American Academy of Music in San Francisco. Carol began her acting career as a backup singer for Bobbie Gentry at Harrah’s Club in Reno, Nevada. She made her prostitute debut in The New Centurions (1972).

Speed’s most memorable movie roles include hipster prisoner Mickey in Jack Hill’s hilarious post-bar parody “The Big Birdcage” (1972), pimp Max Julien’s Loyal prostitute girlfriend Lulu (1973), satirical rock star Janice (Bummer) (1973), club owner Rockne Tarkington’s sweet girlfriend Leslie in the funny Blake Samson (Black Samson) (1974) and Sarah the Deaf in Al Adamson’s Dynamite Brothers (1974).

In William Girdler’s highly entertaining horror film Abby (1974), Carroll, the innocent wife of a priest, is possessed by the spirit of an evil demon who gives Particularly inspiring and impressive performance.

In the summer of 1970, she had a recurring appearance on the daytime soap opera “Our Days” (1965). In addition, she made a cameo appearance on an episode of “The Sanfords” (1972), appeared in several TV commercials and appeared in the made-for-TV films “Girls at Huntington Palace” (1973), Love Hate ( 1971), Tenafly (1973), Far From It All (1972) and Psychiatrists (1970).

In addition to acting, Carol is a successful writer (she is the author of “Inside Black Hollywood” and “The Georgette Harvey Story”), singer and songwriter (she sang her own on “The Girls” “I Can Make It. Huntington House” and “My Soul is a Witness” in “Abby”). Following The Godfather of Disco (1979), she took an unfortunately long hiatus from the show ( She was slated for a small role in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997, but pulled out at the last minute), and Speed ​​returned with a supporting role in the indie thriller Village Vengeance (2006). .

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