Where is Catherine Mehaffey-Shelton Now? dead and obituary

After her death, Catherine Mehaffey-Shelton seemed to be everywhere. Several people Katherine knew have died under unusual circumstances over the years, sparking intense speculation and media coverage. ‘Your Worst Nightmare: Black Widow’, an investigation found, delves into one such stage in her life when she was accused of trying to murder her boyfriend after ending their relationship.

Where is Catherine Mehaffey-Shelton Now?

Who is Kathryn Mehafi Shelton?

Katherine was originally married to Navy officer Matt Quinlan. She is accused of shooting him in 1969, but at the time she claimed the gun was fired accidentally. About a year later, the Houston, Texas native divorced Matt and moved back to her hometown. Then, in 1976, Katherine met Dr. George Teddes while studying law at the University of Houston. The two soon started dating.

But things fell apart over the next two years, and according to the show, it was an abusive relationship that made George fear Katherine. On January 15, 1979, George was found beaten to death in the garage by an officer who had gone there for a welfare check. Investigators later learned that after the separation, Katherine sued George for divorce, claiming she was his common-law wife. Before the incident, some of George’s belongings were stolen, and he believed that Catherine was responsible for it.

While Katherine remains a person of interest, she was never charged with George’s murder, and the case remains unsolved. She then stayed in Houston and started dating reporter Gary Taylor. While funny at first, Gary later finds her behavior suspicious. He added, “I heard her say to several people, ‘You better do what I say. You know what happened to George.'” At one point he wanted to end things with her.

Like George, Gary’s belongings were missing, and Catherine later said she would help get them back. When he went to her, George found his stuff in one of her closets. “It was outrageous, but I did it,” he said. “I went back into the closet. As soon as I got in the closet, the lights went out and I heard a gunshot.” Catherine shot Gary as he tried to defend himself. . Then he ran to the front door. As Gary tried to leave, Catherine fired a shot in the back.

Eventually, Gary escaped and asked for help. Katherine was subsequently charged with attempted murder. Her first trial in 1980 ended with a deadlocked jury. She was found guilty a second time and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but the verdict was overturned on appeal. Catherine then pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and was sentenced to ten years of probation, of which she only served five years.