Cause of death, Algerian artist Rabah Driassa is dead

Loved Algerian artist Rabah Driassa passed away. So many of his songs were national and regional hits. Allah yarhmou

Rabah Driassa first aired on NTS on February 8, 2020. Songs played include Frague Laarad.Rabah Driassa was born in Blida in 1934 and is an Algerian singer. Before he loved music, the young Raba was a miniature painter and painter. In 1953, he discovered a radio broadcast in Khaldoun, Algiers, which presented the young singer with his music.

The boy was endowed with great morale, and all his lyrics and songs matched his generous spirit. His career began with Algeria’s independence. He became the ambassador of Algerian songs and participated in many tours in France and throughout Europe. The father of married boy Abd is preparing to raise the flag, and he often sings with his father.

Rabah Driassa sang a variety of styles of songs, from patriotic to pop, and Bedouin. We can find “Hizb Thouar” and “Nadjma Koutbia” or the song “Hizia” in his best works. The mainstay of Algerian songs and music is also called the “Algerian Nightingale”.

He is the pride of the Algerian people.Singer and songwriter he values ​​the glory of Algeria, Algerian women, love, and the Prophet Muhammad, which we can hear in his songs “Najma Kotbia”, “Ya Toufaha” and “Antia derti l’Hannae” or “Al Moumarida”.

Rabah Driassa is also a great artist appreciated by the elders because he is respected and talented. His lyrics are poetic and respectful, expressing the beauty and love of women without being vulgar.

In one of his songs, he thought of his dead mother. Its name “Moima” has achieved great success in Algeria and Tunisia. Rabah Driassa protects the national musical heritage of Algeria. He is a singer suitable for all ages, because the various works of his repertoire increase its richness, and his unique voice makes him immortal. For many Maghreb fans, he is a living legend.

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