Cause of death, Councilor Valeriano Martínez dead suddenly at age 60

This Wednesday afternoon, Councilor Valeriano Martínez García died in his office at the headquarters of the Xunta in San Caetano, at the age of about 30.

Facenda and the head of the public administration department encountered insurmountable cardiopulmonary arrest at work. Valeriano Martinez was born in the diocese of Cangosa in Aldan and is 60 years old.

Valeriano Martínez has been in the Facenda portfolio since 2015. Martínez has a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Santiago, as well as a diploma from the Xerencia Hospitalaria Administration, in fact, among other positions, he also served as general director of the department of human resources of Sergas. Before his appointment as a deputy, he served as General Manager of the Ministry of Transportation, Auditor of the Committee of Counts and Secretary General of the Presidential Palace of the Xunta. He elected his deputy twice in the Galician Parliament.

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijoo (Alberto Núñez Feijoo), learned of the tragic news and immediately canceled the trip.

The district executive was shocked by the death of the head of Faganda and the Ministry of Public Administrations and decided to suspend all activities originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Opposition spokesmen also lamented the death of the congressman. Ana Pontón of the national spokesperson BNG expressed her “condolences to Valeriano Martínez’s family and friends” through Twitter, adding that “in the face of the common shock and sadness.” Through the same social network, Ponton “sent a hug to his in-laws and to the PP. He lives a loito life every day.”

Gonzalo Caballero, general secretary of the PSdeG, was also “shocked and saddened” by the news and extended “the deepest condolences” to his family, the Galician government and the Popular Party.

Valeriano Martínez García has been one of the pillars of the presidential pariah group of the Xunta de Galicia in recent years. He started his career as Secretary General of the Presidential Palace in 2015 and before the earthquake caused by the city of Xunta.).

But the relationship between Fei Zhuo and Martínez came from behind. The two started working in the autonomous government around the same time. All these years of friction have allowed them to establish the highest degree of professional and personal trust.

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